*na: Novella (46-100 pages, 17,500-39,999 words); *nv: Novelette (21-45 pages, 7,500-17,499 words);
*sa: Story adaptation of a play/screenplay; *ss: Short story (4-20 pages, 1,000-7,499 words)
Next 100 SF Short Fiction
The Next 100 sci-fi short stories, novelettes, and novellas

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Move Rank Title Author * Year
0101The Little Black BagC M Kornbluthnv1950
0102Seven Views of Olduvai GorgeMike Resnickna1994
0103HothouseBrian Aldissnv1961
0104The Roads Must RollRobert A Heinleinnv1940
0105RobbieIsaac Asimovss1940
0106NightwingsRobert Silverbergna1968
0107Speech SoundsOctavia Butlerss1983
0108The Marching MoronsC M Kornbluthnv1951
0109The Queen of Air and DarknessPoul Andersonna1971
0110SwarmBruce Sterlingnv1982
0111Sailing to ByzantiumRobert Silverbergna1985
0112The Ugly Little BoyIsaac Asimovnv1958
0113Even the QueenConnie Willisss1992
1114The PostmanDavid Brinna1982
-1115The Million Year PicnicRay Bradburyss1946
0116HardfoughtGreg Bearna1983
0117…And Then There Were NoneEric Frank Russellna1951
0118A Pail of AirFritz Leiberss1951
0119Home is the HangmanRoger Zelaznyna1975
0120Saucer of LonelinessTheodore Sturgeonss1953
0121Gonna Roll the BonesFritz Leibernv1967
1122UnderstandTed Chiangnv1991
1123The Hemingway HoaxJoe Haldemanna1990
-2124The Keys to DecemberRoger Zelaznynv1966
0125Seven American NightsGene Wolfena1978
1126The Ugly ChickensHoward Waldropnv1980
-1127Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out TonightUrsula K Le Guinnv1987
0128AllamagoosaEric Frank Russellss1955
0129Forgiveness DayUrsula K Le Guinna1994
0130The Gold at the Starbow's EndFrederik Pohlna1972
0131Hawksbill StationRobert Silverbergna1967
0132Or All the Seas with OystersAvram Davidsonss1954
0133Unaccompanied SonataOrson Scott Cardss1979
0134With Morning Comes MistfallGeorge R R Martinss1973
0135The Weapon ShopA E van Vogtnv1942
0136A Meeting With MedusaArthur C Clarkenv1971
0137Liar!Isaac Asimovss1941
0138Slow SculptureTheodore Sturgeonnv1970
0139StardanceSpider Robinsonna1977
0140The Men Who Murdered MohammedAlfred Besterss1958
0141The Brave Little ToasterThomas M Dischna1980
0142Learning To Be MeGreg Eganss1990
0143Killdozer!Theodore Sturgeonna1944
0144PassengersRobert Silverbergss1968
0145How to Talk to Girls at PartiesNeil Gaimanss2006
0146The Calorie ManPaolo Bacigalupiss2005
0147Coming AttractionFritz Leiberss1950
2148Faith of Our FathersPhilip K Dicknv1967
3149The Colour Out of SpaceH P Lovecraftnv1927
-1150Island of Doctor Death and Other StoriesGene Wolfess1970
-3151Soldier, Ask NotGordon R Dicksonna1964
-1152Born With the DeadRobert Silverbergna1974
0153A Momentary Taste of BeingJames Tiptree Jrna1975
0154All Summer in a DayRay Bradburyss1954
0155NightflyersGeorge R R Martinna1981
0156Terminal BeachJ G Ballardss1964
0157Rachel in LovePat Murphynv1987
0158Solution UnsatisfactoryRobert A Heinleinnv1940
0159A Planet Named ShayolCordwainer Smithnv1961
0160A Descent into the MaelstromEdgar Allan Poess1841
0161The Tunnel Under the WorldFrederik Pohlnv1955
2162The Man Who Could Work MiraclesH G Wellsss1898
-1163OceanicGreg Eganna1998
-1164SoulsJoanna Russna1982
0165The People of Sand and SlagPaolo Bacigalupinv2004
0166Dark They Were, and Golden-EyedRay Bradburyss1949
0167Vaster Than Empires and More SlowUrsula K Le Guinnv1971
2168Rescue PartyArthur C Clarkenv1946
-1169The Country of the KindDamon Knightss1956
-1170E for EffortT L Sherrednv1947
0171Thunder and RosesTheodore Sturgeonss1947
0172Nine LivesUrsula K Le Guinnv1969
0173Alpha Ralpha BoulevardCordwainer Smithnv1961
0174A Letter from the ClearysConnie Willisss1982
0175Mr. BoyJames Patrick Kellyna1990
1176PalimsestCharles Strossna2009
2177Liking What You See: A DocumentaryTed Chiangna2002
2178Space-Time for SpringersFritz Leiberss1958
-3179Sidewise in TimeMurray Leinsterna1934
-2180Paladin of the Lost HourHarlan Ellisonnv1985
0181RequiemRobert A Heinleinss1940
0182The Year of the JackpotRobert A Heinleinnv1952
2183A Little Something for Us TempunautsPhilip K Dicknv1974
-1184New Light on the Drake EquationIan R MacLeodna2001
-1185The Heat Death of the UniversePamela Zoliness1967
0186A Gun for DinosaurL Sprague de Campnv1956
0187And I Awoke and Found Me Here…James Tiptree Jrss1972
0188LobstersCharles Strossnv2001
1189DesertionClifford D Simakss1944
-1190The Menace from EarthRobert A Heinleinnv1959
0191A Walk in the SunGeoffrey Landisss1991
0192The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart…Harlan Ellisonnv1968
0193The Machine StopsE M Forsternv1909
0194The Man Who Walked HomeJames Tiptree Jrss1977
1195The ThingsPeter Wattsss2010
-1196The Way of Cross and DragonGeorge R R Martinnv2001
197Black DestroyerA E van Vogtnv1939
-1198ShambleauC L Moorenv1933
-1199Fast Times At Fairmont HighVernor Vingena2001
-1200Green Days in BruneiBruce Sterlingna1985
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