*na: Novella (46-100 pages, 17,500-39,999 words); *nv: Novelette (21-45 pages, 7,500-17,499 words);
*sa: Story adaptation of a play/screenplay; *ss: Short story (4-20 pages, 1,000-7,499 words)
Top 100 SF Short Fiction
The Top 100 sci-fi short stories, novelettes, and novellas

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01Flowers for AlgernonDaniel Keyesnv1959
02NightfallIsaac Asimovnv1941
03Story of Your LifeTed Chiangna1998
04The Nine Billion Names of GodArthur C Clarkess1953
05The Ones Who Walk Away from OmelasUrsula K Le Guinss1973
06'Repent Harlequin!' Said the TicktockmanHarlan Ellisonss1965
07A Rose For EcclesiastesRoger Zelaznynv1963
08I Have No Mouth and I Must ScreamHarlan Ellisonss1967
09The Bicentennial ManIsaac Asimovnv1976
010The Word for World is ForestUrsula K Le Guinna1972
011The StarArthur C Clarkess1955
012SandkingsGeorge R R Martinnv1979
013Houston, Houston, Do You Read?James Tiptree Jrna1976
014Who Goes There?John W Campbellna1938
015The Persistence of VisionJohn Varleyna1978
016Fondly FahrenheitAlfred Besternv1954
017A Boy and His DogHarlan Ellisonnv1969
218A Sound of ThunderRay Bradburyss1952
-119The Fifth Head of CerberusGene Wolfenv1972
-120The Man Who Sold the MoonRobert A Heinleinna1950
021Blood MusicGreg Bearnv1983
122All You ZombiesRobert A Heinleinss1959
123The Cold EquationsTom Godwinnv1954
-224Beggars in SpainNancy Kressna1991
025BloodchildOctavia Butlernv1984
026The LotteryShirley Jacksonss1948
027The Women Men Don't SeeJames Tiptree Jrnv1973
028Johnny MnemonicWilliam Gibsonss1981
029The Screwfly SolutionJames Tiptree Jrnv1977
030Vintage SeasonKuttner & Moorena1946
231Ender's GameOrson Scott Cardnv1977
-132The Girl Who Was Plugged InJames Tiptree Jrnv1973
133There Will Come Soft RainsRay Bradburyss1950
-234The Mountains of MourningLois M Bujoldna1989
135The Last QuestionIsaac Asimovss1956
-136A Song for LyaGeorge R R Martinna1974
137Light of Other DaysBob Shawss1966
-138Tower of BabylonTed Chiangnv1990
039We Can Remember It For You WholesalePhilip K Dicknv1966
140Harrison BergeronKurt Vonnegutss1961
-141The Green Hills of EarthRobert A Heinleinss1947
042A Martian OdysseyStanley Weinbaumnv1934
043Time Considered as a Helix…Samuel Delanynv1968
044Burning ChromeWilliam Gibsonnv1982
045By His BootstrapsRobert A Heinleinna1941
046The Big Front YardClifford D Simakna1958
047PRESS ENTER [ ]John Varleyna1985
048Baby is ThreeTheodore Sturgeonna1952
049Behold the ManMichael Moorcockna1966
050ArenaFredric Brownsa1968
051The Last of the WinnebagosConnie Willisna1988
052ExhalationTed Chiangss2008
053True NamesVernor Vingena1981
054Surface TensionJames Blishnv1952
055Fire WatchConnie Willisnv1982
056Hell is the Absence of GodTed Chiangnv2001
157Day MillionFrederik Pohlss1966
-158The DeathbirdHarlan Ellisonnv1973
059The Game of Rat and DragonCordwainer Smithss1955
060The Last CastleJack Vancena1966
561The SentinelArthur C Clarkess1951
-16224 Views of Mt. Fuji by HokusaiRoger Zelaznyna1985
-163The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan HoagRobert A Heinleinna1942
-164The Dragon MastersJack Vancena1962
065The Moon MothJack Vancena1961
-266Great Work of TimeJohn Crowleyna1989
167A Canticle for LeibowitzWalter M Millerna1955
-168Jeffty is FiveHarlan Ellisonss1977
069Inconstant MoonLarry Nivennv1971
070The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His MouthRoger Zelaznynv1965
071The Ballad of Lost C'MellCordwainer Smithnv1962
272The Martian WayIsaac Asimovna1952
073Enemy MineBarry Longyearna1979
-274When It ChangedJoanna Russss1972
375Neutron StarLarry Nivennv1966
-176Love is the Plan, the Plan is DeathJames Tiptree Jrss1973
-177Riders of the Purple WagePhilip Jose Farmerna1967
-178Mimsy Were the BorogovesKuttner & Moorenv1943
079Aye, and Gomorrah…Samuel Delanyss1967
080The VeldtRay Bradburyss1950
081It's a Good LifeJerome Bixbyss1953
082The Merchant and the Alchemist's GateTed Chiangnv2007
083FoundationIsaac Asimovnv1942
084Think Like a DinosaurJames Patrick Kellynv1995
085Microcosmic GodTheodore Sturgeonnv1941
086He Who ShapesRoger Zelaznyna1965
087For a Breath I TarryRoger Zelaznynv1966
088Seventy-two LettersTed Chiangna2000
189Second VarietyPhilip K Dicknv1953
-190R&RLucius Shepardna1986
091The Death of Doctor IslandGene Wolfena1973
092The Ship Who SangAnne McCaffreynv1961
093Scanners Live in VainCordwainer Smithnv1950
094Air RaidJohn Varleyss1977
195First ContactMurray Leinsternv1945
-196The Day Before the RevolutionUrsula K Le Guinss1974
097The Star PitSamuel Delanyna1967
098And He Built a Crooked HouseRobert A Heinleinnv1941
499UniverseRobert A Heinleinna1941
-1100Seven Views of Olduvai GorgeMike Resnickna1994
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