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The all-time best sci-fi books, films, TV shows and stories
Sci-Fi Lists is dedicated to bringing you quality lists and concise reviews of science fiction's all-time top books, films, TV shows and short fiction. Our aim is to bring you the most statistically reliable lists of their type found anywhere on the net. It is important to note that all lists featured on the site are the result of ongoing and fairly complex statistical surveys, rather than just a simple tally of poll voting. As such, the lists are regularly updated to include new sources of information that become available, including results from the relevant Sci-Fi Lists online polls.

The Book List
(Awards - 20; Published critics - 38; Popular polls - 16; Other lists - 53)
A statistical survey of sci-fi literary awards, noted critics and popular polls. To qualify a book has to be generally regarded as science fiction by credible sources and/or recognised as having historical significance to the development of the genre. (Updated 30 March 2014)

The Film List (Published critics - 22; Popular polls - 13; Other lists - 77)
A statistical survey that includes data from noted critics and popular polls. The qualification rules are similar to those used for the books list and for statistical purposes films in a series are treated in tallies as stand-alones. Exceptions to this rule include the Star Wars trilogies. (Updated 7 July 2014)

The Television List (Experts polled - 11; Published critics - 6; Popular polls - 9; Other lists - 90)
Based on data gathered from a statistical survey and a direct poll of sci-fi television experts - including critics, editors and website managers. Shows often classified under other genres but containing significant and notable sci-fi content qualify for inclusion on the list. (Updated 7 July 2014)

The Short Fiction List (Popular polls - 4; Published critics - 2; Awards - 6)
A very difficult list to start owing to the lack of published data. A 2012 Locus poll came to the rescue. Currently, the online poll and site visitor feedback are the main sources for updating this list, which generates more than its fair share of healthy debate. (Updated 30 December 2013)
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