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Sci-Fi Lists is dedicated to bringing you quality lists and concise reviews of science fiction's all-time top books, films, TV shows and short fiction. The aim is to bring you the most statistically reliable lists of their type found anywhere on the net, featuring a healthy balance of popular and critical opinion. All lists are regularly updated.

The Book Lists
As of January 2021 the book lists have been split into pre-2000 and post-2000 categories in order to reflect the changing state of how sci-fi is published and consumed. Alternate histories and dystopias, often categorised as sci-fi, only qualify for listing if they have a reasonable degree of genuine scientific content and/or significant historical value to the genre.

The Film List
Similar qualification rules to those used for the book lists and for statistical purposes films in a series are treated as stand-alones, with no exceptions on the updated list. With only a couple of exceptions, superhero flicks have been excluded on the basis of their significant fantasy content. Films with significant sci-fi tropes (aliens, other planets, space travel) typically qualify for listing.

The Television List
With the ever-evolving way in which TV series are marketed and the sheer volume of content available, this list has become a statistical challenge of galactic proportions. The aim is to somehow balance historic significance against the quick hit style of modern series.

The Short Fiction List
A very difficult list to start owing to the lack of published data, although by April 2020 enough information was available to come up with a list that should be pretty close to the mark. Still, the list generates more than its fair share of healthy debate... and deservedly so.
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