Analog SF Magazine Home page of long-lasting sci-fi magazine
Asimov's Home page of the magazine named for the great master himself
Dragon Page Unique SF/Fantasy radio talk show with an online feed
Science Fiction & Fantasy World One of the best on-line zines
Science Fiction Studies Zine with academic resources from DePauw University
Scifind UK speculative fiction site with DVD news and reviews
ScifiSlacker Speculative fiction news and reviews site
SciFiSpace Speculative fiction site with news, info, chat room, etc.
SF Signal One of the best speculative fiction blogs out there
SF Site Comprehensive, informative and well-written webzine
Syfy Home page of the genre's popular cable television channel
365 tomorrows Collaborative site publishing a new piece of short speculative fiction each day

General Reference
AudioBooksForFree Free sci-fi audiobooks including a handful of classics
Classic Sci-Fi Movies An interesting database of 1950s and 60s sci-fi movies
epguides.com An index to episode guides for sci-fi/fantasy TV shows
Feminist Sci-Fi Linked bibliography of feminist sci-fi, fantasy and utopia resources
GEOS (SF Television) Comprehensive opinion survey of current shows
Internet Movie Database Lots of info about films of all kind, including sci-fi
Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase Massive database of genre literature
Locus online Extensive database, news, reviews, award info & links
Quiet Earth Dedicated to genre film and all things post apocalyptic (Doesn't that sound like fun?)
Saturn Awards Sci-fi awards organisation focussing on film and television
Sci-Fi Movie Page Movie & DVD Reviews, trailers & clips,  and news on upcoming movies
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America Pure sci-fi class with no dross
Science Fiction Awards Watch Monitors and discusses sci-fi awards
SF Booklist A good user-friendly sci-fi/fantasy bibliography
SciFan Books & Links Terrific resource for fans of sci-fi literature
StackExchange A collaboratively edited question and answer site
Technovelgy.com Where science meets fiction in classic SF literature
Ultimate SF Web Guide A vast collection of sci-fi resources
Variety SF A blogspot specialising in sci-fi literature, with plenty of short fiction
Wikipedia SF Television On-line encyclopedia with lots of info on sci-fi TV
(See also Wikipedia SF Films and Wikipedia SF Novels)

Search Engines/Directories
DirectoryScifi Well organised online science fiction directory.
SciFi Source Comprehensive directory of sci-fi sites
SF Crowsnest Europe's premier SFF website has a searchable directory
Speculative Vision Good directory covering all speculative fiction genres

Other Lists
ArtsForge Sci-Fi 100s Artistic community site with sci-fi books and films lists
Boston Globe TV 50 A one-at-a-time SFTV top 50, starting at the end
Carver Recommended Author Jeffrey A Carver lists his SFF recommendations
Classics of Sci-Fi Survey of classic sci-fi books by James Wallace Harris
Darkweb Online An interesting list of the Top 100 Sci-Fi Films
Examiner Top 100 sci-fi films of all-time based on a web-ratings survey in 2010
Flickchart All-time best sci-fi movie list from interactive website
Goodreads Best Science Fiction Well-maintained sci-fi book list aiming for genre purity
Gunn's Basic Library James Gunn helped bring academic credibility to sci-fi
IGN IGN's version of the top 50 sci-fi TV shows of all-time, with a slight surprise at #1
IMDb Sci-Fi Top 50 Top 50 and Bottom 10 SF movies with links to the database
Internet Book List A clever online database where visitors can rate titles by genre
ISFDB Top 100s Book lists based on speculative fiction awards/nominations
Mania Greatest sci-fi, fantasy and horror films of all time
NPR's Top 100 Top 100 sci-fi/fantasy books based on a 2011 poll by NPR
Pringle's Top 100 Somewhat dated list of David Pringle's Top 100 SF books
Rate-it-All Films Allows visitors the chance to vote on their favourite genre films
RT's Journey Through Sci-Fi The Rotten Tomatoes version of the top 100 genre films
Total Film Another version from 2011 of the 50 greatest sci-fi movies ever
TV.com List of the Top 100 sci-fi TV shows as voted by TV.com visitors

The 1950s
Public Domain Torrents Download cheesy public domain sci-fi movies and serials for free
Solar Guard Comprehensive 1950s sci-fi TV site and discussion page

Clubs & Other Stuff
Denver SFF Book Club Informative site run by prolific readers
Galaxiki Incomparable interactive site where visitors can help create a fictional online galaxy
New England SF Association Another book club with a good core reading list
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